School Website Design at HE-Reigns Computers : Get Professional website for your school at a Discounted Price. What could be the major reason why your school does not have a website?

Could it be

  • Lack of money,
  • Not knowing the benefit of a website to a school,
  • inability to keep the site updated,
  • falling into the hands unprofessional web designers and crooks,
  • not having a big vision for your school, etc

School Website Design at HE-Reigns Computers

Whatever the reason is, If you want to compete favorably in today’s school system. Having online presence and being ICT compliant is a MUST!

Research has shown that most Primary and Secondary schools in Nigeria do not have a website—-And this is not a good development. DON’T LET YOUR SCHOOL JOIN THIS CROWD, STAND OUT TODAY

Look at some real fact

  • Since they can not find your school online, How can you prove to parents that your school is ICT compliant and can be seen as a modern day Academic institution where ICT is the order of the day
  • Do you know that even at home, the fact that a child can open YOUR school website can get parents excited about your school

Still not convinced that your school needs a website right?

Why You Need A School Website?

Look at some more reasons why your school NEEDS a website today

  • Your School Will Gain Credibility & Popularity
  • A Website Saves You Money & Takes You Out Of Obscurity
  • A School That Has A Website Is Seen A Standard School
  • It Is Always Accessible & Helps You Keep Parents Informed
  • It Helps You Target A Wider Market, Even Outside Your City
  • It Provides A Medium On Which To Showcase Your Work
  • With A Site, Your School Can Be Accessed 24 Hrs & 7 Day A Week
  • Without A Website, You Are Building A 12th Century Academic Institution In The 21st Century
  • It Helps You To Make Good Use Of The Social Networking Website And Drive More Traffic To Your School

ICT is changing the way things are done and everybody is going online.

Don’t let your school die due to obscurity.

What Is The Cost for This Service?

With just N50,500, We will build a standard website for your school and you will also get the following

  • 1,000 units of bulk SMS
  • Social media integration eg , twitter, YouTube, Facebook,
  • Manage the website and social media pages for one month FREE,
  • One year free domain registration,
  • 24/7 support

Call us today to request for yours.