Bulk SMS Services at HE-Reigns Computers : Research has shown that Bulk SMS Advertising is the most reliable, workable, and cheapest means of advertising any business can undertake in Nigeria now. not everybody reads Newspaper, listens to Radio,watches Television and pay for Bill Board Advert but everybody reads their text messages.

Why wasting much money in Adverts? When you can get it cheaper.

Double the traffic in your business and be leader in your field/area. Unsure of how to go about it? HE-Reigns Computers is here to assist you grow your business using Bulk SMS marketing.

HE-Reigns Computers Bulk SMS Service offers

  • Complete bulk SMS marketing solutions for businesses and organizations to take advantage of in order to increase customer base and make more profit.
  • An avenue for businesses to advertise their products & services by sending simple text messages to their existing and potential customers.
  • We assist our clients to reach potential customers by providing Nigerian GSM numbers database for sending SMS adverts on premium routes with full and instant delivery.





1,000-9,999 N4.50K
10,000-49,999 N3.85K
50,000-99,999 N1.85k
100,000-999,999 N1.10k
1 million-9.9 million N1.00k
10 million and above N0.90k

QUICK TIP: Any business without a means of contacting or reaching its existing and potential customers without delay any time, any day; has no future