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Do You Need Computer Training for Academic, Professional, Career or Business Growth?

Choosing the right place to learn computer skills is even more important now than ever before. HE-Reigns Computers Trainer sets a foundation for your computer exposure and experience, that is why the methods we will use in teaching you computer skills have been tested for full 18 years and used on over 1000 students.


We are sure you will thank God you found us because our teaching style is beyond mediocre goals, we want to make you a master of the skill through practical experimentation and interactive repetition.


We Coach Just a Selected Few and make them the Best They Can Be.

HE-Reigns Computers is a computer coaching center focused on helping people reach their business, academic or career goals without delay. We are the only coaching service guiding students and clients at a deeper level. And this makes us achieve a faster and long lasting result than any other coaching service you may find.


Unlike most coaching programs you may find out there, we do not overcrowd our programs with students. We focus on students so we can make the best impact in their lives. For sure, we deliver results!







We Serve Graduates, Workers and Unemployed Individuals Seeking Additional Income Sources Online.

There are so many career, business and financial ups and downs which millions of Nigerians like you are facing in this government and current economy.


At HE-Reigns Computers, we believe that these are times when the skills you have is a more reliable way of making a living, other than depending on academic qualifications.


We help people in learning Computer skills and other vocational skills that will help generate income faster and easier than just having a certificate. Anyone who can read and write can follow our training, understand it and implement the skill within 42 days.


That is what we do at HE-Reigns Computers and we have no doubt we can do it for you too when you join any of our programs.


Visit our Courses Page to choose the program that suits you, or call us to guide you in making a decision.

We Help Secondary School Students, in Overcoming Major Obstacles blocking their Admission to Institutions of Higher Learning.

Getting prepared and receiving the right guidance is the grand solution to poor grades and weak performance in school. HE-Reigns Computers tutors are specialists in understanding the root cause of poor academic performance in each student we work with.


We are experts in developing the right study plan which leads to radical improvements. Instead of repeating classes or resitting exams over an over again, our team assists in giving secondary students the boost to higher education without delay.


In the course of our interaction with the student, we discover career pathways that could be more suitable for the student, so he/she can pursue a more passion friendly career.


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